Take the Trash Out!

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Mission

Part of the mission of the  Newbold Civic Association in South Philadelphia is to keep our streets clean. We have a long way to go!  Philly as a whole has a reputation as a dirty city. If we are going to clean it up it starts within each community as a grassroots effort.

The bigger picture is that every individual has a responsibility to keep the area around their homes and businesses clean. And it is with this same mindset that all of us must properly discard our refuse- wherever we travel about Philly.  Is it that difficult? No- it begins and ends with an awareness. It’s about responsibility and of respect for our fellow neighbors.

 The cleanups will go on, March to November, as our message of responsibility and respect continues to permeate our hood.

Come out to the monthly cleanups and lend a hand. Want more information or have a question? Email Rick: rickg7586@gmail.com

Many many thanks to my web guru,  Brad Horn, for his assistance in getting this blog off the ground. You rock bro!

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