Here ye, Here ye!

Posted: March 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Looking ahead, here is what we have in store for the No-Trash-Newbold blog:

My vision for this blog has been to use it as a means to get the word out to those within the Newbold borders and beyond. “The word”  is that the trash problem in our community must be fixed!

To accomplish our goal of cleaning up Newbold we must get local businesses involved. We will be working with the City of Philadelphia and the “Unlitter Us” program to partner with local businesses, especially on Snyder and Passyunk Avenues.

Another source of refuse is rental properties above retail locations. Landords must get the message across to their tenants about proper trash disposal.

As we incent local businesses to join the litter fight,  we will then recognize  those businesses for their positive efforts here at No-Trash Newbold. 

 All ideas and suggestions are welcome- so please respond in kind!


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