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UnLitter Us South Philly 2The five civic groups surrounding lower South Philly are joining forces with Unlitter Us, a subset of the Philadelphia Streets Department, to create additional attention to the trash problem on our streets.

 The date is Saturday Oct 15, from 10amto1pm outside South Philly High School. This will be a rally as well as a street cleanup. All are welcome to attend and to participate in the cleanup.

 What better way to get attention than to hold a rally?  Get some attention- get the media out to cover it. And why not hold the event very near the heart of the litter beast: the intersection of Broad and Snyder. 

This is what you might call- beautification guerilla tactics- or going for the gusto. This is the type of unified effort that hopefully spawns change. At the very least- this is the first of many rallies. And we know that nothing sells like repeat advertising. Yes, we have seen the creation of city-wide cleanups over the last couple years but they are a tiny band aid on a much bigger wound.

 Some of the local businesses in the area will have a table at the rally as promotion- and hopefully they reciprocate the business promotion by keeping their storefronts clean. This reciprocation will garner recognition by Unlitter US as a business partner. 

What is exciting about this rally is the goal of total involvement: that the city, its residents and businesses must take responsibility. That far too much of our city, including South Philly is a trash eyesore. So much so that Travel and Leisure magazine recently ranked Philadelphia as the second dirtiest city in the U.S.

 The posting of Litter free zones throughout South Philly will also be a focus this Saturday. Though signage of this type will be helpful in getting the message out, will it change people in our city from their bad litter habits? Not by itself.

For more on the event here is a link to the promotion article listed in the October 6th issue of the South Philly Review:

 See you on Saturday!