Posted: January 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s always been my longstanding belief that the trash problem in Newbold and throughout the city can be solved, but it will take a multi-faceted, guerilla-tactics approach to solve it; And it will not be an overnight success either. 

With that said, it has been my goal for some time to get the big-belly solar trash cans on some of the major intersections within Newbold. In recent months I have been assured by folks within the Streets Department that the City would maintain the units as part of their regular trash pick up. However the civic is responsible for paying for each unit. There is more work to be done but for the civic, we will need to raise some money if we want trashcans in our hood.

So, as the title here implies, coming soon, or within the next two to three weeks I will initiate a fundraising campaign to raise the needed funds for the big belly recepticles. The approximate cost of each combo trash-recycling unit is about $4,300.

Again, very soon I will update here at notrashnewbold what the specifics of our fundraising campaign effort will entail. In the meantime, any questions or inquiries regarding donations towards this effort may be directed to me at my email address:






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