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More of what’s in store….

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Want to begin by expressing my gratitude to Jason Brown, NCA Green Committee Chair, as well as to all of the volunteers for their efforts during the city wide cleanup on April 14th within NCA.

With the additional volunteers we had a significant impact on Wolf and Jackson Streets.
Both of these streets, especially from Broad to 18th are always in need of attention.
Many thanks to everyone who came out to lend a hand, and a broom, on Saturday. I hope to post a couple of pictures soon here from the clean up as well.

Want to make you all aware that beyond the next monthly NCA meeting on April 30, our next Civic event will be “Love your Park” at Guerin on May 12th. Love Your Park is a collaborative effort of the Department of Parks and Recreation, PHS/Philadelphia Green, Greater Philadelphia Cares, and park-friends groups throughout the city. The purpose of this day is to focus public awareness on the tremendous asset and resource that we share in Philadelphia’s park system, to accomplish much needed park beautification projects, and to strengthen and expand community support for the parks.

In reporting back on the fundraising effort for the big belly trash cans I feel compelled to share a bit about how this got started. My original idea, which led to my proposal to the NCA board, was that all or most of the large intersections should have trash cans as one step in a concerted effort to clean up the streets of NCA.

Though the fundraising effort for the big belly trash cans is underway, the reality is that we have everywhere to go. It is going to take some financial help from a lot of folks (or a generous few- contributing a lot) to make it happen. Each Big Belly is a solar trash receptacle, as well as a recycling receptacle, in one self-contained unit. Each complete unit is $4500

As the promotional effort on our fundraising evolves, hopefully the need throughout the civic is realized, and especially with those that live closest to each unit. The incentive here is for donors to contribute with the return benefit of a cleaner block- on a more consistent basis.

Of course, with added trash units within the civic, it does not mean our monthly cleanups will cease. Clean streets can only happen with a concerted “guerilla tactics” approach, where each piece complements the other and is implemented on a regular basis. This is much like the theory of repetitive advertising. Of course, at this point, many of us will accept even some improvement to our litter problem.

An example of a successful residential installation of Big Belly trash cans be found within the South of South Street Civic Association (SOSNA) in southwest Center City. Here is a link to the Big Belly campaign on the SOSNA site:
A total of five units have been installed within the SOSNA boundaries. It all happened with a pilot program and then phases one and two of the campaign. Phase three is now underway.

The success of the SOSNA campaigns did not happen overnight and reaching the fundraising goals was not (if you’ll pardon the expression) a walk in the park. I was able to talk with some SOSNA folks on their fundraising experience. While it was a daunting task at times, they reached their goals for the pilot as well as phases one and two.

With SOSNA we now have a model from which Newbold can borrow and implement.
Perhaps the area within the SOSNA boundaries represents a more affluent demographic which aided in the fundraising effort; Conjecture on my part? maybe, but perhaps not.

Another option for fundraising could be a grant application to a pertinent funder, but with the success of the SOSNA campaign it stands to reason that we begin with a campaign for donations from residents.

A contact within the Philadelphia streets department shared with me that the city will provide the installation, but each Civic must purchase the units. Once installed, the city would then maintain and empty the units.

In order to gain the necessary funding, we will need a groundswell of promotion to get the word out on our funding goals for the Big Belly trash units. Look for additional promotion on the May 12th event in the coming days and weeks as well. On this day will we have Big Belly-fundraising flyers to hand out, as well as representatives from NCA on hand to answer questions about the campaign.

I greatly welcome your perspective, questions, suggestions- and- outright cash donations.
Couldn’t resist. 

Rick Gabe