About Us

Welcome to No Trash in Newbold!  My name is Rick Gabe, Newbold resident of  almost 5 years. The excessive trash that we see regularly on our streets was the impetus for my launch of this site. I encourage everyone to please leave a comment- after all- this is a blog 🙂

“The word”  is that the trash problem in our community must be fixed!  Homeowners and businesses alike can help by joining us in this litter fight – let’s work together to make Newbold a cleaner, safer place to live.

Part of the mission of the  Newbold Civic Association in South Philadelphia is to keep our streets clean. We have a long way to go!  Philly as a whole has a reputation as a dirty city. If we are going to clean it up it starts within each community as a grassroots effort.

The bigger picture is that every individual has a responsibility to keep the area around their homes and businesses clean. And it is with this same mindset that all of us must properly discard our refuse- wherever we travel about Philly.  Is it that difficult? No- it begins and ends with an awareness. It’s about responsibility and of respect for our fellow neighbors.

The cleanups go on, March to November, as our message of responsibility and respect continues to permeate our hood.

Check back here to notrashnewbold as we approach March for the date of our first formal 2012 cleanup. In the meantime, lets do our part to clean up around our properties as we have time. And when away from home, properly dispose of our trash.

Be well~ and Happy New Year!


Want more information or have a question? Email Rick:rickg7586@gmail.com

  1. Jose says:

    Great! Thanks for putting this blog together and I hope more people sing in for the clean ups. There are so many things that need to be done and perhaps a next step could be trash cans, but I now they are expensive and require maintenance. Kudos for no trash Newbold!

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